We offer a full line of ballistics products manufactured by U.S. Armor.

Why U. S Armor?


U.S. Armor is the comfort leader in the body armor industry because their vests are custom-fitted
and tailor-made to your frame. We use a unique custom-fit measuring system that incorporates
nine different measurement points for males and 12 different measurement points for females to
ensure that your ballistic vest fits right, every time. Our vests come with a 60-day will fit


Prior to any U.S. Armor product being released, extensive testing is conducted inside their test
facility to ensure our ballistic products surpass the National Institute of Justices Compliance
Testing Program requirements.  All testing follows the latest NIJ requirements.  Quality
Assurance Testing of used ballistic Vests, Special Threat Testing, Field Training Program for
Customers and our field Rep’s., Shooting Demonstrations, and  Quality Control Testing of
Ballistic Materials is also conducted. U.S. Armor is an ISO 9001 and ISO 4001 certified
manufacturer for environmental, quality control processes and procedures, specifically within the
body armor industry.


U. S. Armor has partnered with the best ballistic material suppliers in the industry to ensure that
every new U.S. Armor vest design delivers lighter, thinner, cooler, and more flexible body armor
for ultimate comfort without sacrificing ballistic protection. We are proud to know that no officer
has ever been fatally injured by a round while wearing a U.S. Armor vest (certified for that round
of ammunition).  This significant success has only been achieved by scrupulously using material
that has been proven not to fail.


Click on the links below to view U. S. Armor’s online catalog. Please contact us directly for
pricing, estimates and questions.

Full catalog: https://www.usarmor.com/
Ballistics: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=14
Concealable Carriers: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=16
External Carriers: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=22
Trauma Plates: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=59
Female Ballistic Vests: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=11
Tactical Carriers & Vests: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=34
Pouches: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=87
Helmets: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=80

Corrections Carriers & Vests:  https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=50
K9 Vests: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=84
Rifle Plates:  https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=60
Ballistic Shields: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=70
Breacher, Bomb & Ballistic Blankets:  https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=77
Patches and Carry Bags: https://www.usarmor.com/catalog/index.html#p=91


If you are interested in purchasing a custom tailored vest please call our office at (888) 511-7322 for pricing and more details.