Blackhawk: Falcata 9 volt


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The 9-volt Falcata incandescent light features a patented Xenon bulb, specifically designed for shock isolation against recoil and drops. It utilizes 3 CR123A 3-volt lithium batteries. This 6 1/8 long incandescent light is also weapons mountable and comes standard with a pocketclip. The Falcata lens is a UCL glass lens that provides maximum light through-put with an anti-reflective coating on both sides of the lense. At 125 Lumens, the Falcata 9v has a one-hour run time and is operated with Momentary and Constant On activation. The Type-3 hard anodized black comes standard with a very unique anti-roll and combat grip tail cap attachment that is removeable if the user wishes to deploy or utilize his light without the anti-roll or combat grip attachment. It s patented bulb system is designed to withstand the effects of weapon recoil which makes it a very high quality weapons mountable solutions via the 1 body and any 1 mounting bracket. Three 3-volt lithium batteries included.