Blackhawk BTS Double Pistol Mag Pouch


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Carry more ammo to the range or on the field with the BTS Double Pistol Mag Pouch by Blackhawk. TalonFlex inserts hold pistol magazines in place until they’re needed for rapid reloads. The flaps can be held open or closed with the hook-and-loop material, which allows for convenient reloading while on the go. The BTS Mag Pouch is made of strong and durable ballistic NyTaneon and accommodates two pistol magazines. It utilizes Blackhawk’s tactical belt loop system and can be mounted on belts up to 2.25-inches wide. The innovative tactical system prevents the pouch from moving laterally on the belt, making it virtually impossible to forcefully remove from the user.


Blackhawk BH-52PMK2BK Specs:
Fits: 2x pistol magazines
Material: Ballistic NyTaneon
TalonFlex technology keeps ammo secure until needed
Flaps secure in open or closed positions for versatility
Blackhawk Tactical System fits belts up to 2.25 inches wide