623LMG-B SHOTGUN FOREND WEAPONLIGHT Mossberg Replacement Shotgun Forend w/ Integrated WeaponLight


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  • Expertly engineered replacement for OEM Mossberg 500 / 590 shotgun forends
  • Recoil-proof LED generates 1,000 lumens of TIR-focused light
  • Reliable and intuitive switching for easy instant activation

The SureFire 623LMG-B replaces the factory Mossberg 500 / 590 forend with a tough polymer forend featuring a powerful, integrated LED head and integral ergonomic switching. The right side features a long momentary-on tape switch and a system-disable toggle switch; the left side features a constant-on toggle switch. The 623LMG-B’s virtually indestructible LED is focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that creates a farther-reaching beam that’s well-suited for close- to medium-range engagements. Intuitive rocker switch allows users to deactivate the light for transport, storage, or additional light security. Whether your mission involves breaching an enemy stronghold or repelling home invaders, the 623LMG-B is engineered to improve your survival odds.


HIGH OUTPUT- 1,000 lumens

HIGH RUNTIME – 1.25 hours

PEAK BEAM INTENSITY – 10,600 candela

BATTERIES- Two 123A (incl.)

SWITCHING – Pressure pad + constant-on rocker + disable rocker

LENGTH -10.3 in (26 cm)


HIGH OUTPUT – 1,000 lumens

HIGH RUNTIME – 1.25 hours

DISTANCE – 200 meters



CONSTRUCTION – Polymer / aluminum

FINISH – Mil-Spec hard anodized (bezel)

WEIGHT W/ BATTERIES – 17.2 oz (487 g)

BEZEL DIAMETER – 1.125 inches (2.85 cm)